The Two Different Ways of Practicing SEO

Posted by Donald Majeski on June 06, 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important for websites. The significance of SEO tasks to a website’s operational success and longevity cannot be overstated. There are so many online marketers that swear by the efficacy and value of SEO operations for their website that it can be difficult to imagine a website that does not make use of it.

SEO is basically about improving or modifying the contents of a website to improve its ranking on search engine results page (SERP). SERPs are those webpages that produce results whenever some anonymous user types in something in a search engine. That list is not randomly generated.

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The list is actually ranked based on certain criteria and through the use of different algorithms which can differ from one search engine to the other. A high rank in SERPs is one of the goals of almost every website on the internet. High SERP ranking is important since it increases visibility, traffic, and brand recognition and reliability for the website.

There are two ways of practicing SEO. There are white hat SEO techniques and then there are also black hat SEO techniques. The main differences between the two categories are there approach to SEO practices and how they are treated by search engine service providers such as Bing or Google. These are the two categories of SEO techniques and it is important for people to familiarize themselves with both.

Understanding white hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO techniques are basically the techniques which abide by the rules of search engine operators like Bing or Google. White hat SEO techniques abide by the rules laid down by search engine operators thus making them the legitimate SEO techniques. SEO companies that are worth their salt exclusively practice white hate SEO techniques.

White hat SEO techniques are smiled upon as they add value, validity and reliability to the SERPs produced by search engines. Furthermore, websites that acquire their page rankings through white hat SEO techniques build a solid reputation, by projecting a positive image, among members of the internet for playing by the rules.

The only downside to using white hate SEO techniques is that they do not produce immediate results. It takes a bit of time for white hate SEO technique employing websites to gain traction and even more time for them to build up the reputation that they want.

Grasping black hat SEO techniques

Black hat SEO techniques are those techniques that are employed by the devious SEO practitioners. Internet users frown upon black hat SEO techniques because of the results that they get. It does not matter how relevant the contents of a website are to the internet user’s search as websites that use black hat SEO techniques will still show themselves in the top rankings of SERPs.

The advantage of black hate SEO techniques is that they can produce immediate results in the short run. However, therein lays the problem. Black hat SEO techniques cannot promise long term benefits the way white hat SEO techniques can. Furthermore, websites that employ black hat SEO techniques tend to get a bad reputation or image from internet users.
How search engine operators treat the SEO techniques

Search engines treat the two different categories of SEO techniques in different manners.

Websites that employ white hat SEO techniques are given their due credit. They get the ranking that they deserve on SERPs. These websites are treated fairly and have nothing to fear from the search engine operators.

Black hat SEO technique users on the other hand are severely frowned upon by search engine operators. In fact, some search engine users make it difficult for websites to stay on the SERP list. Others go so far as to penalize black hat SEO technique using websites by banning them from the search results of their search engines.

A website should always strive towards using white hat SEO techniques and avoid using the black hat variants.

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