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Effective Tips on How to Hire the Best SEO Companies

Posted by Emma Stout on November 12, 2015
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SEOSEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. The idea that was once a fad has now evolved into something that is necessary for every business, big or small. The deemed importance of internet marketing and the incapacity of most businesses to understand its principles gave birth to thousands of top SEO companies who offer corporate services.

The industry that offers you a lot of supplier options to choose from is supposedly ideal. However, it doesn’t erase the fact that it makes the decision a lot harder than it should plus there are the threats of cons and shady deals which are not helping at all.

So, being on the verge of necessity and indecision, you are thinking – “is there a guideline somewhere that can help you in choosing the best and the right one among these thousands of SEO companies?”

Sadly, there is none. There are no formal rules, no written texts, and no official guide on how to choose the right one; but lucky for you, there are ways that can help you eliminate the wrong ones to get the good ones. All you need are a clear sense of what you are aiming for and a bucket load of common sense.

Three Common Misconceptions about SEO companies
Misconception #1: Bigger is better

You might want to know why not. There is a tongue in cheek reply that can probably answer this well enough but taking it seriously, a big firm surely have its advantages but it doesn’t mean that it is the right one for your needs. This is not also telling that you to avoid such companies. In the contrary, all that is being suggested is this – do not immediately erase the biggest and the smallest companies in your prospect list; because the size of the company is not an accurate parameter for identifying the best or the right one.

Misconception #2: All SEO companies are going to make a con and scam you

There was once an article or two that explained this misconception. According to it, this is utterly false because not all SEO companies are scammers – just an approximate 95% of them.

It may be funny but it also strikes a chord. We are in a digital age when everything is fast and impersonal. Sure there are good things about the digital age but you cannot waive the fact that we can easily be generally anonymous. The cover this brings is enough for scammers to thrive and flourish. Knowing this, it is best to be wary of your transactions.

Misconception #3: The Google top is the best there is

Sure, being on the top page of Google is not a bad place to be but still this is not a guarantee that it will be the best, at least for you. There are factors that put those companies on that top page. You have to know what those are then see if those factors will fit into your standards and requirements.

So, how do you hire the Best?

1.    You should have a good idea of what your end goals are. What will follow are the recommended strategies and tactics to be implemented for you to achieve these goals. It will also be a good measure of success for your transactions with the SEO firms that you want to have an engagement with.

2.    Widen your options. Do not limit yourself to the first one that you have consulted. Try to consult multiple respectable firms to gauge the level of negotiation that you will have to employ for your transaction

3.    Call the references and confirm the SEO firms claims and engagements

First things first: these are guides not rules…not laws. You can choose to follow them, alter them to suit your needs or you can totally disregard them if you feel they are not what you needed. What’s important is you know what you want and you want to know how these potential SEO firms can help you.

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