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Numerous Uses of Patches

Posted by Patrick Cockrell on October 27, 2016
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Many people carry or wear their identification cards for them to have access to several facilities and compounds that are exclusive to authorized people only. Apart from this, pupils and students are mandated to wear school uniforms or IDs so that they can enter the school premises. Furthermore, company employees, police officers, and military personnel can also be seen wearing their ID cards. Without these little cards, identifying authorized people is quite challenging. To combat problems that arise, many institutions require the attachment of a piece of fabric, more popularly known as a patch, to their uniforms.

These little pieces of cloth have become but a common sight today. These are also accessible from all parts of the world, especially since the Internet opened an electronic market for everybody. Furthermore, these are unique and can be specially created for various occasions. unlocks infinite possibilities when it comes to providing patches.

However, these fabrics are not only for identification purposes. This article from will list down the several uses of these little pieces of cloth in the everyday lives of people.


Wearing clothes and accessories that are trending and are highly favored in the market is something that many people love to do. Fashion is undeniably a significant part in people’s lives. It is also considered as one of the most popular ways of how people express themselves. However, wearing fancy and fashionable items is not limited to decorative materials such as pearls and beads; it can also involve patches.

The worldwide popularization of a patch is credited to the Hippies, the young men and women of the 60’s and 70’s. When they wore outfits that challenged the traditional clothing, they added little ornaments to their uniforms. By adding a patch in their caps and head bands, they introduced new fashion items in the market.

Uses of Patches


Embroidered fabrics are used widely in the military. Because identifying the ranks of military officials was difficult, the British Army then decided to sew these fabrics onto the soldiers’ uniforms. These are used to represent the ranks and units of every soldier, and these are usually attached to the sleeves of their uniforms. Furthermore, these can also be sewn onto the chest part of their uniforms as a form of merit or award. The military forces of the United States have adopted this way back in the Civil War and these are still used until today. Police officers, likewise, have embroidered their names, ranks, and units into their uniforms.


Since a customized patch can be easily attached to common items such as shirts, bags, caps, and handkerchiefs, it can be a potential booster for an organization’s movement or campaign. The most notable use of a custom patch is during the Hippies’ peak of fame. They protested on the streets not only with the use of placards and banners but also with these small pieces of fabric. With the theme of world peace and love, they spread their message even without shouting or chanting.

By just sewing a patch onto any material that is made of fabric, you can already spread your message to anyone you meet or interact with. However, advertisement does not have to be expensive; many institutions use customized patches from so if you need affordable yet high-quality products, be sure to drop by Patches4Less’ website.



Apart from the mentioned uses, a custom patch can also be a great business opportunity to many of the aspirants in the industry. Since a patch has a lot of uses and is appealing to many people, businessmen and businesswomen can invest on these. Additionally, the rise of many popular films and movies like Hunger Games and Divergent, as well as mobile games like Pokemon Go, attracts many fans in buying merchandises with embroidered logos. This means more opportunities for people to earn money even if they have a small capital. With the help of, you can become a successful entrepreneur in the industry of custom patches.

Whether you are a member of an organization, a fan of a popular film, or an aspiring businessperson, Patches4Less is here to deliver you colorful and durable custom patches. By just sending specific designs and styles, Patches4Less can meet your expectations and their design artists will definitely work hard in creating a digital proof of your patch even before you purchase one. Once you have decided, you may proceed in the buying of your very own customized and unique patch.


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