Guidelines in Looking for the Right SEO Company

Posted by Donald Majeski on June 13, 2016

If you are looking to hire the best search engine optimization service provider that could effectively help you increase your site traffic and make your business highly sought out, you will find it quite hard to do so. This is because there are already lots of SEO agencies around the world. Just like in any other industry, each SEO firm will advertise that they are the best. However, there are factors to be considered in order to prove which one is really the best.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Quality

seoYou have to know that the wrong SEO firm can cause your website to get penalized by the most opted search engine. Google has improved its search algorithm. It can now detect low quality articles and spam posts. This can cause your site to get demoted on the SERP or even be removed from the Google search results. Aside from that, there are also Search Engine Optimization companies that will advertise your site in unwholesome or low quality websites such as adult ones. Even if you will not get penalized by search engines, the reputation of your site and business will dramatically drop.

Ability Climb on SERP

The results that a SEO firm can deliver lies on their ability to rank a site. The most important basis is whether they can get the site of their clients into the first page of SERP or not. If they cannot put your site on the first page of Search Engine Results Page, then you should find another company that can. You must also be cautious when finding out about this since there are lots of SEO service providers that will only show you the sites that they have successfully increased in ranking. Try to find out about their failures as well just so you have something to weigh out. There are already lots of people who jump from one company to another because their first one caused them failure which possibly burned their time and money.

If you can, then you should ask the search engine optimization service provider that you are considering to show the results they have delivered to their clients to see if they are favorable or not. You can also check their own ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. This is a good way to measure their ability so you will know what exactly you can expect from them. If their ranking is well enough, it is an indication that you can get favorable results if you opt for them.

Here are the steps to find out their rank:

• Go to using your favorite browser.

• Search for the most important keywords that SEO agency are continually trying to rank for such as SEO and SEO service provider.

• The ones that have the most overall visibility especially those that are one the first page of the search result are definitely worth considering.


Search Engine Optimization companies are supposed to help their clients make their businesses more profitable. This is the main reason why people hire them. However, there are lots of Search Engine Optimization companies today that are more focused on gaining profit from the people who hire them. Before you pick a company that you think could help you increase the profitability of your business, you have to make sure that they are reliable. One of the things you can do is to check their track records. Try to find out if they have already delivered favorable results to their clients. Get some references as much as you can. To see how much results you can expect, you should find out if they have already placed a website on the first page or the top of the SERP.


The second thing you must have to be sure of when it comes to their transparency is the regular submission of reports. Even if you do not like to have much involvement and opt to just leave the work to them, it is still wise to pay attention on how much development they have already done on your project. You must know the performance of your site from time to time including the increase in the traffic that it gets. Through this kind of transparency, you can be sure of the integrity of the company you will or is opting for. It is best to be certain of this before even hiring any company you might find.

These are among the important factors you need to consider when choosing which Search Engine Optimization Company can be best for your online business. The good thing is that you will not need to look any further.

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