Guidelines in Looking for the Right SEO Company

Posted by Donald Majeski on June 13, 2016
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If you are looking to hire the best search engine optimization service provider that could effectively help you increase your site traffic and make your business highly sought out, you will find it quite hard to do so. This is because there are already lots of SEO agencies around the world. Just like in any other industry, each SEO firm will advertise that they are the best. However, there are factors to be considered in order to prove which one is really the best.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Quality

seoYou have to know that the wrong SEO firm can cause your website to get penalized by the most opted search engine. Google has improved its search algorithm. It can now detect low quality articles and spam posts. This can cause your site to get demoted on the SERP or even be removed from the Google search results. Aside from that, there are also Search Engine Optimization companies that will advertise your site in unwholesome or low quality websites such as adult ones. Even if you will not get penalized by search engines, the reputation of your site and business will dramatically drop.

Ability Climb on SERP

The results that a SEO firm can deliver lies on their ability to rank a site. The most important basis is whether they can get the site of their clients into the first page of SERP or not. If they cannot put your site on the first page of Search Engine Results Page, then you should find another company that can. You must also be cautious when finding out about this since there are lots of SEO service providers that will only show you the sites that they have successfully increased in ranking. Try to find out about their failures as well just so you have something to weigh out. There are already lots of people who jump from one company to another because their first one caused them failure which possibly burned their time and money.

If you can, then you should ask the search engine optimization service provider that you are considering to show the results they have delivered to their clients to see if they are favorable or not. You can also check their own ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. This is a good way to measure their ability so you will know what exactly you can expect from them. If their ranking is well enough, it is an indication that you can get favorable results if you opt for them.

Here are the steps to find out their rank:

• Go to using your favorite browser.

• Search for the most important keywords that SEO agency are continually trying to rank for such as SEO and SEO service provider.

• The ones that have the most overall visibility especially those that are one the first page of the search result are definitely worth considering.


Search Engine Optimization companies are supposed to help their clients make their businesses more profitable. This is the main reason why people hire them. However, there are lots of Search Engine Optimization companies today that are more focused on gaining profit from the people who hire them. Before you pick a company that you think could help you increase the profitability of your business, you have to make sure that they are reliable. One of the things you can do is to check their track records. Try to find out if they have already delivered favorable results to their clients. Get some references as much as you can. To see how much results you can expect, you should find out if they have already placed a website on the first page or the top of the SERP.


The second thing you must have to be sure of when it comes to their transparency is the regular submission of reports. Even if you do not like to have much involvement and opt to just leave the work to them, it is still wise to pay attention on how much development they have already done on your project. You must know the performance of your site from time to time including the increase in the traffic that it gets. Through this kind of transparency, you can be sure of the integrity of the company you will or is opting for. It is best to be certain of this before even hiring any company you might find.

These are among the important factors you need to consider when choosing which Search Engine Optimization Company can be best for your online business. The good thing is that you will not need to look any further.

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Effective Tips on How to Hire the Best SEO Companies

Posted by Emma Stout on November 12, 2015
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SEOSEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. The idea that was once a fad has now evolved into something that is necessary for every business, big or small. The deemed importance of internet marketing and the incapacity of most businesses to understand its principles gave birth to thousands of top SEO companies  who offer corporate services.

The industry that offers you a lot of supplier options to choose from is supposedly ideal. However, it doesn’t erase the fact that it makes the decision a lot harder than it should plus there are the threats of cons and shady deals which are not helping at all.

So, being on the verge of necessity and indecision, you are thinking – “is there a guideline somewhere that can help you in choosing the best and the right one among these thousands of SEO companies?”

Sadly, there is none. There are no formal rules, no written texts, and no official guide on how to choose the right one; but lucky for you, there are ways that can help you eliminate the wrong ones to get the good ones. All you need are a clear sense of what you are aiming for and a bucket load of common sense.

Three Common Misconceptions about SEO companies
Misconception #1: Bigger is better

You might want to know why not. There is a tongue in cheek reply that can probably answer this well enough but taking it seriously, a big firm surely have its advantages but it doesn’t mean that it is the right one for your needs. This is not also telling that you to avoid such companies. In the contrary, all that is being suggested is this – do not immediately erase the biggest and the smallest companies in your prospect list; because the size of the company is not an accurate parameter for identifying the best or the right one.

Misconception #2: All SEO companies are going to make a con and scam you

There was once an article or two that explained this misconception. According to it, this is utterly false because not all SEO companies are scammers – just an approximate 95% of them.

It may be funny but it also strikes a chord. We are in a digital age when everything is fast and impersonal. Sure there are good things about the digital age but you cannot waive the fact that we can easily be generally anonymous. The cover this brings is enough for scammers to thrive and flourish. Knowing this, it is best to be wary of your transactions.

Misconception #3: The Google top is the best there is

Sure, being on the top page of Google is not a bad place to be but still this is not a guarantee that it will be the best, at least for you. There are factors that put those companies on that top page. You have to know what those are then see if those factors will fit into your standards and requirements.

So, how do you hire the Best?

1.    You should have a good idea of what your end goals are. What will follow are the recommended strategies and tactics to be implemented for you to achieve these goals. It will also be a good measure of success for your transactions with the SEO firms that you want to have an engagement with.

2.    Widen your options. Do not limit yourself to the first one that you have consulted. Try to consult multiple respectable firms to gauge the level of negotiation that you will have to employ for your transaction

3.    Call the references and confirm the SEO firms claims and engagements

First things first: these are guides not rules…not laws. You can choose to follow them, alter them to suit your needs or you can totally disregard them if you feel they are not what you needed. What’s important is you know what you want and you want to know how these potential SEO firms can help you.

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The Two Different Ways of Practicing SEO

Posted by Donald Majeski on June 06, 2015
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important for websites. The significance of SEO tasks to a website’s operational success and longevity cannot be overstated. There are so many online marketers that swear by the efficacy and value of SEO operations for their website that it can be difficult to imagine a website that does not make use of it.

SEO is basically about improving or modifying the contents of a website to improve its ranking on search engine results page (SERP). SERPs are those webpages that produce results whenever some anonymous user types in something in a search engine. That list is not randomly generated.

SEO recicle arrows

The list is actually ranked based on certain criteria and through the use of different algorithms which can differ from one search engine to the other. A high rank in SERPs is one of the goals of almost every website on the internet. High SERP ranking is important since it increases visibility, traffic, and brand recognition and reliability for the website.

There are two ways of practicing SEO. There are white hat SEO techniques and then there are also black hat SEO techniques. The main differences between the two categories are there approach to SEO practices and how they are treated by search engine service providers such as Bing or Google. These are the two categories of SEO techniques and it is important for people to familiarize themselves with both.

Understanding white hat SEO techniques

White hat SEO techniques are basically the techniques which abide by the rules of search engine operators like Bing or Google. White hat SEO techniques abide by the rules laid down by search engine operators thus making them the legitimate SEO techniques. SEO companies that are worth their salt exclusively practice white hate SEO techniques.

White hat SEO techniques are smiled upon as they add value, validity and reliability to the SERPs produced by search engines. Furthermore, websites that acquire their page rankings through white hat SEO techniques build a solid reputation, by projecting a positive image, among members of the internet for playing by the rules.

The only downside to using white hate SEO techniques is that they do not produce immediate results. It takes a bit of time for white hate SEO technique employing websites to gain traction and even more time for them to build up the reputation that they want.

Grasping black hat SEO techniques

Black hat SEO techniques are those techniques that are employed by the devious SEO practitioners. Internet users frown upon black hat SEO techniques because of the results that they get. It does not matter how relevant the contents of a website are to the internet user’s search as websites that use black hat SEO techniques will still show themselves in the top rankings of SERPs.

The advantage of black hate SEO techniques is that they can produce immediate results in the short run. However, therein lays the problem. Black hat SEO techniques cannot promise long term benefits the way white hat SEO techniques can. Furthermore, websites that employ black hat SEO techniques tend to get a bad reputation or image from internet users.
How search engine operators treat the SEO techniques

Search engines treat the two different categories of SEO techniques in different manners.

Websites that employ white hat SEO techniques are given their due credit. They get the ranking that they deserve on SERPs. These websites are treated fairly and have nothing to fear from the search engine operators.

Black hat SEO technique users on the other hand are severely frowned upon by search engine operators. In fact, some search engine users make it difficult for websites to stay on the SERP list. Others go so far as to penalize black hat SEO technique using websites by banning them from the search results of their search engines.

A website should always strive towards using white hat SEO techniques and avoid using the black hat variants.

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