7 Internet Marketing Tips that Small Businesses Should Remember

Posted by Donald Majeski on February 19, 2016

seoNowadays, businesses can market and promote their products and/or services through various means. Large businesses don’t have problems with this, but for small businesses, this may be difficult knowing that they still have limited resources. Given the tough competition on print and digital advertising, how can they come up with their own set of marketing strategies to keep up with the mid-sized and large businesses? With online marketing, it’s all possible. Below are seven online marketing tips that can help small businesses promote themselves:

1.Do blogging.

With informative contents that can be promoted to other networks, blogging can quickly turn small businesses as experts in their desired fields. To establish this, small businesses must post blog contents at least 2 times per week so that their blog sites will have more chances of appearing on top of the search engine results page.

2.Have a social media leverage.

For small businesses that are not into social networking, this is the right time to start. Social media can double the number of marketing leads by just setting up a social media account.

While the presence of various social media platforms can be overwhelming to small businesses, they still have the option to choose one platform where they can be most engaged with their customers. Either through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, small businesses can already establish their online presence by posting original contents, joining community discussions and connecting with people. Overall, it’s important to have frequency in using social media provided that the contents are helpful and relevant to the audience.

3.Set up Facebook pages to advertise.

This is an ideal start for small business owners who want to establish their online presence. Since most people spend a lot of time browsing Facebook, this is a good time to capitalize the situation by creating a Facebook page and engage them to interact with its contents through likes, comments and shares. Not only will it increase awareness; it will also pave the way for advertisements.

4.Post to Pinterest and Instagram.

If small businesses are selling products, the right places to promote them are Pinterest and Instagram. By regularly posting images with hashtags on these platforms, small businesses can drive more traffic to their website.

5.Maximize the use of email reminders and email marketing.

Emails for marketing can help attract more customers, but the leads will only be limited if used alone. Combine and integrate these emails with other internet marketing campaigns to increase the number of engaged customers and achieve more impact.

For instance, small businesses can run a Facebook photo contest and they can notify a number of customers from their email subscription list to increase the number of participants. Plus, they can also send email reminders about a special deal or an upcoming event.

6.Conduct a series of webinars.

Interactive webinars are ideal for building a list of prospective clients. Since webinars are live broadcasts, more and more people can view these simultaneously regardless of their location. By making sure that the contents of the webinar are rich and relevant, it is possible to grab the interest of potential clients from the viewing public.

7.Always make time for press releases.

When it comes to market visibility, the competition is intense, that’s why it’s important for small businesses to amplify their presence through press releases. Apart from reaching wider audience, small businesses also get the same exposure as larger businesses do.

To leave a lasting impression, it’s important to have a list of things to do. With the application of the above mentioned internet marketing tips, small businesses can stay alive in the market competition with a better recall from people.

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